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Soplacas is committed to quality as one of the company’s top priorities. All our commitments, actions and products must be recognized as an essential part of doing business to ensure our success in the marketplace and the key to effective business operations.

Soplacas managers are responsible for leading the way – motivating the organization, encouraging co-operation, teamwork and trust amongst employees and ensuring that quality is understood to be everyone’s responsibility.

Soplacas is committed to the following actions:

  • To set quality goals according to the perception and expectations of our customers and continuously seek ways for adding value.
  • To enforce quality standards rigorously and consistently in all aspects of our business, utilizing group quality goals and metrics.
  • To ensure product, process and system changes at all levels are based on priorities from quality metrics, eliminating root causes and verifying results.
  • To involve both customers and suppliers in providing feedback on both our performance and validating the ultimate result of our improvements.
  • To maintain a certified quality management system that complies with the relevant standards.
  • To comply with applicable requirements and regulations.
To ensure the quality policy is communicated and understood throughout the organization.