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The pavements area has been at the center of Soplacas' activity since its inception, in 1968. Today, the existence of resistant materials, easy to apply and adapted to the modern concepts of architecture, is essential to the construction business.

Infused with this knowledge, Soplacas has been working for the last 42 years in the development of new technologies and the improvement of quality in its key products, of which decorative pavements are a prime example.

Not withstanding its diverse range of existing pavements, the company believes in a constant search for innovation, pursued with new solutions in mind and through a rigorous maintenance of its products quality, as well as the competence and professionalism of its workforce. The marketplace  is kept under sustained analysis, searching for mutations or changes in dynamics.

Since the quality of our products is always on the forefront of our concerns, our company stands by very specific technical parameters, pursued with a very clear goal: to distinguish ourselves in the area of certifications. Soplacas is a certified company since 2001, when it received the NP EN ISO 9001:2000 certification.