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Escala is a range of pavements of several dimensions, finishings and colours. It is available in 3 of our pavements' finishings: smooth, Blaster (a sandy surface) and Mix (a mixture of 2 or more colours on the same stone).

This pavement was specially designed for areas that undergo heavy automobile or truck traffic, like parking lots, roads or industrial parks. In fact, its 8 cm height makes it resistant to all these stresses.

The diversity of finishings and colours offers multiple pattern possibilities, in order to avoid the monotony of large paved areas.

Smooth: Grey, White, Yellow, Red, Ochre, Green and Black;
Blaster: Granite, Estremoz, Almond and Coral;
Mix: Red/Yellow, Yellow/Black, Red/Black and Ochre/Black.

Ref. 128 - Escala
Ref. 128 - EscalaAvailable: smooth, Blaster and Mix. Dimensions in mm.
Ref. 128 - Escala
Ref. 127 - Escala

Note: Given the characteristics of the raw materials used, Soplacas does not take responsibility for slight variations in color and granulometry.