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S.A.T. Sant Mer
Design and Site management: Biovec e EnErGi
Biogas installation: APERGAS
Location: Sant Esteve de Guialbes, Girona

1 anaerobic digester of 2.000 m³, 6,00 m high;
1 anaerobic digester of 1.400 m³, 6,00 m high

Sant Mer Agrarian Transformation Society (S.A.T. Sant Mer), composed of cattle farmers and milk producers had been searching for a solution for the residues and odors created by their explorations. After consulting with environmental and energetic engineers, management opted for the construction of the current biogas production facility and energy generator. By utilizing and producing biogas, they were able to produce and sell energy to the main grid, converting the initial investment into a business.

The main companies responsible for the project and worksite management demanded that not only the tanks, but the installed utensils, where durable and adaptable, to guarantee the efficiency and continuity of the digestion process. That was the case, among others, of the mixers, the control hatches and the sample recovery windows.

The worksite owner and the engineering companies considered that Soplacas had the ability and enthusiasm needed to fulfill this project. Another crucial factor was the constant facilitation of technical consultations, services and collaborations necessary to the realization of the project. This was an excellent basis for any kind of future cooperation.