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This grid is made of polyester fibre. It is characterized by a high tensile strength a large longevity. They are particularly appropriate for soils reinforcement.

A strong synthetic fabric made of a geocomposite of wool and polypropylene used in civil engineering, to separate the soil from the drainage area.

Drain pipes are made of polyethylene. They are perforated and have a geotextile coat, that allows the rain water to flow without sediments and therefore avoid the obstruction of the tubes. That water can be directed towards the wastewater network, through the installation of cross drains in the front of the wall.

Soplacas’ steps are concrete pieces that can either have a smooth or irregular, natural stone appearance, in order to fully complement our walls. Although they were designed to build stairways, they can also be used to build small walls in gardens.

These concrete slabs were designed specifically to cover and finish our walls, for a cleaner and more elegant finish.